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Fifth Annual Long Grove Historical Society Ghost Walk
Sorry, but reservations for the ghost walk have now closed.
If you want to take your chances, you can come to the event and fill in for a no-show...

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Waiver of Liability - All participants should be physically fit and medically able to participate in a sixty to ninety minute walk. Participants should also understand that walking involves risks of injury from falls due to the surface condition of the brick sidewalks, contact with other participants, and the effects of weather, including dampness and humidity. Participants should also understand that they will be walking alongside and across active streets and are responsible for their own safety with regards to vehicle traffic. THE VILLAGE OF LONG GROVE, THE HISTORIC DOWNTOWN LONG GROVE ORGANIZATION, THE HISTORIC DOWNTOWN PROPERTY OWNERS, AND THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF LONG GROVE, AND ALL THEIR RESPECTIVE VOLUNTEERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, AND SPONSORS ARE NOT ASSUMING ANY OBLIGATIONS WITH REGARD TO SUCH RISKS AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY ARISING FROM ANY WALKER'S PARTICIPATION IN THE GHOST WALK. By checking the box below, I, the registrant an certifying that all of the participants (and legal guardians where appropriate) I am reserving for understand this waiver of liability and take responsibility for their own safety.

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Tours Available

Tour TimeTour
10/27 6:00PMBOO**
10/27 6:10PMOGRE**
10/27 6:20PMROT**
10/27 6:30PMYELP**
10/27 6:40PMGRIM**
10/27 6:50PMBAT**
10/27 7:00PMOWL**
10/27 7:10PMRAT**
10/27 7:20PMYOWL**
10/27 7:30PMGUNK**
10/27 7:40PMBONE**
10/27 7:50PMODOR**
10/27 8:00PMRAVE**
10/27 8:10PMYUCK**
10/27 8:20PMGORY**
10/27 8:30PMBUG**
10/27 8:40PMOOZE**
10/27 8:50PMROLL**
10/27 9:00PMYAR**
10/27 9:10PMGUT**
10/27 9:20PMBREW**
10/27 9:30PMOVER**

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